Crypto, python, dash - Year on year price changes

date_range 13/02/2018 01:00

The prices of crypto have always been subject to severe price fluctuations, which is logical since there is no centralized authority to stabilize the prices. You might be familiar with the hype cycle which perfectly describes the evolvement stages of emerging technologies. Not surprisingly, the crypto prices can be fit to the hype cycle too. A lot has been written about that already and this post will no go there but only focus on the developed dashboard.

R, ethereum, shinyapps - Profitability dashboard part 1 of 2

date_range 20/07/2017 10:30

The cryptocurrency Ethereum now reaches the news headlines on a daily basis. It has attracted a lot of new miners who often seek a way to earn a quick buck, but how profitable is the mining of this digital currency? To find out I walk you thought the steps I took to develop a profitability calculator dashboard. It consists out of two parts, the first part focusses on the data collection and preparation and in the second part I will handle the dashboard development.

Ether mining profitability calculator

date_range 12/07/2017 10:30

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